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Welfare Association Achievement Award – 2007

It is with great pride and joy that we inform you that the Palestinian Counseling Center (PCC) received the Welfare Association Achievement Award for 2007. This award aims at recognizing Palestinian NGOs that made distinctive achievements in their areas of operation and services. This Award would not have been possible without the continued support of the local community as well as PCC partners.   more >>>

Campaign against the Jerusalem Master Plan 2000

Find out more about the proposed Israeli Master Plan for Jerusalem "Jerusalem 2000". The unofficial translation of the plan into English, the preliminary report on the implications of the plan on Jerusalem, a call for Action and...
more >>>

Annual Report 2006

The PCC staff and directors are proud to present the 2006 annual report of PCC's work to our partners, friends and all concerned. The year 2006 was quite trying in many respects both on the external and internal levels for all of us at the PCC...
more >>>

Career decision-making difficulties among Israeli and Palestinian Arab high-school seniors

Making a career decision becomes a major priority for adolescents during the last year of high school. The present study examined the taxonomy of career decision-making difficulties among 1,613 Arab 12th-grade students attending schools in East Jerusalem, areas in the West Bank under the Palestinian National Authority, and Israel. No significant differences were found among the three locations... more >>>

The Psychological Symptoms Profile of the Palestinian: Exposure to Political and Environmental Trauma-Related Stressors

Illegal Occupation has been the experience of the Palestinian people for over 55 years. As the economic and social devastating hardships increase so have the heightened vacuum of psychological problems... more >>>

The Psychological and Mental Effects of Systematic Humiliation by Israel Against the Palestinians

Israel is adopting a systematic policy of psychological warfare against the Palestinian people. The weaponry of this warfare is not machine guns, tanks, and apache helicopters but methodical humiliation and demoralization which targets the Palestinian people’s psyche , emotionally and cognitively... more >>>

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The Onion, A Symbol for the Palestinian Counseling Center !


The Onion was chosen as a symbol for the center because it signifies the individual. From a cursory look at people we can only see the outer skin of individuals. However, if we want to delve deeply into a person's character we have to peel the layers of skin and feelings to see a whole outlook for the individual. This process might prove to be painful for some. The onion can also represent the root of things, and it also signifies cultivation in Palestinian Folklore.