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PCC Hosts Ramadan Activities in Beit Sakariya

Beit Sakariya - The Palestinian Counseling Center organized Ramadan events for residents of Beit Sakariya village, located in the district of Bethlehem, on Tuesday, July 31st. Events included an open day for children, iftar for members of the community’s various social committees, and recreational activities open to the public in the evening. The day was a part of a PCC project, financed by the French Development Agency and the Center for Development of Palestinian Civil Institutions, aimed at providing psycho-social support to residents of the area. Beit Sakariya presently endures tremendous violations by the occupation forces, including prevention of essential services and going settlement expansion.


Remarking on the importance of the project, Um Ibrahim, a participant, commented, “this project helps us to cope with the suppressive conditions we are living in. Isn’t it enough that we are surrounded by 12 settlements? Look at our homes [in their conditions] - they are proof of the kind of environment we are living in! Building is banned and every house in the village is fined.”


She added, "I have 7 children who work in agriculture/cultivation, some of them started university and withdrew in 2005, they were trying everyday to go to their university but they were prevented by the Israeli Occupation Forces to cross the main street because of the settlements, so they were obliged to withdraw and work in agriculture."