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PCC organizes cultural activity for children in Beit Skaria


On Saturday, February 22nd, the PCC organized a cultural activity for children as part of the organization’s psycho-social intervention in Beit Skaria, a village in Area C near Bethlehem. Beit Skaria residents suffer from inaccessibility of services, land confiscation for the expansion of settlements, as well as exposure to attacks by Israeli settlers living in the area.  The cultural activity included a performance by Palestinian artist and member of the Shahrazad Cultural Association, Ms. Dorin Munayer. The performance was attended by children living in the village and their families. As this is the concluding activity of the project, children did not want the performance to end, and expressed a thirst for continued cultural activities. Resident of Beit Skaria and head of the Beit Skaria Women’s Charitable Association, Nura Amin Saed, said: “this project should not come to an end, especially activities that include women empowerment, and providing residents with consultations and psychosocial support.”