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Trip to Jericho with Residents of Beit Skariya

This past Saturday, the PCC hosted a trip for residents of the village of Beit Skariya to the city of Jericho, during which a series joint activities for families was conducted. The events of the day were intended to help strengthen communications between the married couples that participated. fut Coins

The activities are offered as part of a project being implemented by the PCC to provide psycho-social support for the population of Beit Skariya, a village in the district of Bethlehem that faces particular hardship as a result of the occupation, including lack of basic services and close proximity to numerous illegal Israeli settlements. The project is supported by the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Palestinian NGO Development Center (NDC).

Beit Skariya resident and participant in the day’s events, Ibrahim Mohammed, noted that the project was, "the first of its kind - an activity that was specially designed for couples.”