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Public Relations Department

Department Structure
The Public Relations department operates directly under the supervision of the PCC’s executive director and exists as an extension of the director’s office. It is a support department that coordinates its work with the organization’s five other departments and amplifies PCC activities within the public sphere.

Department Objectives
The Public Relations department objectives are based on the PCC’s strategic plan, which is revised every five years by relevant staff members. Staff members of the Public Relations department are actively involved in the formulation of the department’s objectives, as well as the revision of objectives, in cooperation with the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and the Director of the PCC.

Strategic objective:
To maintain and enhance PCC’s image as a credible reference in the field of mental health.

Specific objectives:
• To maintain and strengthen partnerships to ensure financial security for the implementation of PCC’s strategic plan for the years of 2010-2014.

• To increase the knowledge of the international and Palestinian community with regards to PCC’s activities and its services.    

Objectives are each supplemented with expected results and defined indicators in order to track progress and measure overall achievement of the department’s work.

Work Areas:
• Fundraising and donor relations
• Grant management
• Media, external communications and visibility
• Reporting and internal communications