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About Us

The Palestinian Counseling Center was founded in Jerusalem in 1983 by a group of psychologists, educators and community activists, as an Ottoman institution, to work with all members of the Palestinian Society exposed to political, social, economic, and psychological prejudice and violence in order to support and develop the psychosocial concepts of services in Palestine. The PCC today has branches located in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Nablus, and Qalqilya. Through these branches, the PCC works to reach all the Palestinian areas in order to provide full positive psychosocial services which include counseling, hoping to prevent the development of psychological issues through providing educational social services, capacity building, providing consultations to organizations and workers in the health sector, lobbying and advocating for policies and legislations which support the right to reach a level psychosocial point in Palestine, in addition to opposing the Israeli Occupation’s attack on our society and nation being the main reason behind the deteriorating mental health in Palestine.

- PCC Strategic Goals

1. Initial Long-term Goal: improving the wellbeing of individuals and groups who need psychosocial support

2. Second Strategic Goal: Individuals in the Palestinian Community and efficient psychosocial service providers that will fulfill their duties in line with the best practices

3. Third Strategic Goal: Policies on the local and national level for psychosocial health of individuals