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Through the Clinical department, the PCC works on the provision of therapeutic services for children, youth, adults and families with psychological disorders. The main objective of the department is to improve the well being and performance of individuals and groups psychologically, occupationally, educationally and socially. Period: All programs began in 1986, with exception of the Rehabilitation program, which began in 2006. Location: Jerusalem, Azzoun-Qalqilia, Nablus, and Ramallah. The role of PCC and partners: PCC is an implementing agency, and partners with other organizations for referral and coordination purposes. PCC particularly partners with the Ministry of Health and works on implementing the national mental health plan. Results:

  • Availability of, and accessibility to, one on one counseling and group therapy programs: On a yearly basis, around 400 children and adults benefit from the individual counseling program and 150 individuals benefit from the group counseling program, 220 children benefit from the learning disabilities program.
  • Rehabilitation of chronically ill patients: around 100 patients benefit from the program on a yearly basis.
  • Around 450 seek individual consultation sessions on a yearly basis.
  • Introducing specialized therapeutic interventions at the PCC, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Music Therapy and Response to Intervention.
  • Highly qualified counselors and psychologists working at the PCC.

Impact on target groups: Improved overall functioning of Palestinians with psychological disorders; improved mental health services through internal supervision and training and sharing of knowledge and expertise. Funding sources: Bread for the World, CCFD, Diakonia, Drosos, Save the Children, The Welfare Association

This Department Includes the following

The PCC works with children in the 7-12 age groups with learning disabilities. Educational tools that respond to the needs of children with learning disabilities are developed, and individual work plans are prepared for children based on their needs.
Individuals that seek PCC services suffer from the following disorders: mood disorders, anxiety disorders, relational problems, adaptability disorders, personality disorders, ADHD, psychosomatic disorders, learning disorders, communication disorders, sleep disorders, etc.
Through this program, activities are conducted on the supportive, therapeutic, psychiatric and social levels aimed at the reintegration of chronically mentally ill individuals into society.