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Lounching A book

The Palestinian Counseling Center in collaboration with the Arab Resource for health care and community development in Lebanon held a workshop to launch the book "Mental health for all: Where there is no doctor.” The workshop was held on Monday, November 9, 2009 in Ramallah.

The book is a practical guide for mental health care and it targets community health workers, and those who work in the areas of nursing, social work and medical services, especially in the developing countries. It features a simple, clear language guide, that can be understood by all professionals and parents, offering them the necessary knowledge to deal with issues of mental health and promote positive health for all.

The book provides readers with basic knowledge that helps them to understand mental disorders and treatment in 30 chapters, using a "problem solving approach.” It guides readers  to identify problems, assess and deal with them. The book also addresses the issue of mental health problems as they emerge in different circumstances such as refugees camps, schools, and with AIDS patients. It is as well try to promote positive mental health.